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IT PLORE® Training Program

Do you want to make 6 digit income from your home every month? Do you want to know how to make money online by working few hours online every day? Do you want to earn part time online income?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then definitely this training program is for you.

IT PLORE® Training Program is a free training program on making 6 digit income from your home every month. This program is conducted at IT PLORE® only for those who purchase our Start Up Developer Bundle.

The Start Up Developer Bundle is a collection of different 100% genuine IT products like Domain, Web Hosting with emails, Script Installers, PHP Scripts, HTML Templates, HTML Designer Script, Hot Selling Premium WordPress Themes Collection, Premium WordPress Plugins, Security Scripts, ERP Apps, CRM Apps, Android App Creators, iPhone App Templates for creating Apps, Classified Website Script, Job Website Script, OLX type website scripts, eCommerce Website Scripts, Matrimony Website Script, different other hot selling scripts, a brand new Pen Drive, underground online secret money making tools, etc.

With this Start Up Developer Bundle, you can create any type of websites that you need in couple of days. You can easily make 6 digit income at the comfort of your home, every month using this Start Up Developer Bundle.

NOTE: Please read the complete webpage otherwise you are not eligible for this training program. Because, if you cannot read this whole page which actually takes only 5 minutes to read, then how are you going to work hard and make money by following our program?
Once your read this whole page and still having any doubt, please feel free to call us.


What is IT PLORE?
IT PLORE is an International IT Company started in Thiruvalla, Kerala, India which is having clients and developers from all over the world.

Currently IT PLORE is one of the best IT companies in Kerala whose leading clients are Kalyan Silks (Largest Silks Showroom in the World), Kallada Travels (One of the Largest Travels Group in India), Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Central Government Project), National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (Central Government Website), ModBake (First bakery and the biggest bakery products manufacturer in Bahrain), Kans Wedding Centre & Kids Centre (Largest Kids Showroom in Kerala), Target Logistics Qatar (The largest Logistics Company in Qatar), Pulimoottil Jewellers (Leading Jewellery Group), Indian Pentecostal Church USA (One of the Largest Religious Community), etc.

Our latest projects are Garnish Caterers (One of the leading catering group in Kerala. Garnish Catering provide best in class Catering Services in Thiruvalla and all other parts of Kerala), Used Cars Kerala (The #1 classified website for selling and buying Used Cars in Kerala), Used Cars NI (Best Online Used Cars Marketplace in NI – Northern Ireland), 3rd Eye Movie Club (Short Film Club engaged by Celebs), Punyalan Decorators (Fastest Growing Stage Decoration Company in Kerala), All This Way (Upcoming brand that’s going to compete with JustDial, Zomato, IndiaMart, etc.), Universal Margin Free Market (The first Margin Free Market in Kerala who is using Advanced Cloud Billing Application with tons of features including eCommerce), etc.

The company’s name, IT PLORE is the abbreviation of some meaningful words which are in sequence. The full form of IT PLORE is “Information Technology, Predicting, Locating, Organising, Remembering, Evaluating“. The name is pronounced as “I.T.  Plore“.

Where is IT PLORE located?
We are conducting IT PLORE training program at our office located in Revenue Tower, Thiruvalla.

IT PLORE, #49, First Floor, Revenue Tower Thiruvalla,
Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala, India. Pincode: 689101.

What is the educational qualification for doing the training?
Fortunately, there is no specific educational qualification required for doing the training. Anyone who passed 10th class or Plus Two or Diploma or any Degree can join in this course.

All you need to know is read and write English, Basic Computer and Internet Knowledge, Know how to register and use Facebook.

What is Basic Internet Knowledge?
Basic Internet Knowledge means the knowledge of proper usage or familiar with the Most of the following things.

  • Browser
  • Webpage
  • URL
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • HTML and CSS
  • IP Address
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Internet and Connections (Traffic and Bandwidth)
  • E-mails (Creation, Usage, Marketing, Email Spam and Filters)
  • Websites, Blog sites, E-Commerce Sites
  • Downloading
  • Virus
  • Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
  • Upload, Download
  • Mobile Internet, Browser
  • Domain, Hosting
  • Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook
  • http://, https://, www, localhost, sourcecode
  • Internet Providers and speeds
  • Website Identification
  • Know to register or login in any website using an email ID or mobile number

Don’t worry if you don’t know any of the above terms. Just do a Google Search on it. Rest you will learn from us.

However you must have certain qualities to become 200% success.

What are the qualities that one should develop to become success in this program?

  • Hardwork
  • Patience
  • Read and Write English
  • Respect Staffs & Management
  • Help Co-Trainees & the company
  • Laptop and an Internet Connection
  • Eager to learn new things
  • Attend the training classes as per the schedules.
  • Follow your IT PLORE instructors

You must have a Laptop and an Internet Connection. We will provide internet connection from our office. However you must bring your Laptop for attending the training because you are going to install required software and do the practising in your laptop so that it will help you to do your future money making process easier.

What if you don’t have a laptop?
If you don’t have a laptop then you must have a desktop in your home. Without laptop or a desktop you cannot make money online. You also need to have an internet connection in your home. It doesn’t matter it’s a broadband or a mobile 3G/4G Internet connection.

If you don’t own any, purchase one laptop and share the internet connection from your mobile phone via HotSpot.

Is this program optimal for MBA, MCA, Engineering Passout and Post Graduates?
Yes, absolutely! You people are going to get the most benefits out of this program. Since you have done higher studies, your technical knowledge and creativity has grown more than others. Such people can easily learn and make money online. They can make use of their degree knowledge in earning money.

For other class of people, you have to work harder than Engineers, and Post Graduates.

We will show proof and case studies in our classes that many people who don’t have any degree earning lakhs per month from INTERNET. We will teach you that here.

Can a school Student or engineering/diploma/degree student participate in this program?
Yes, only if you are above 18 years of old. If under 18, then definitely your parents or local guardians must come to office for discussion.

Does this program available for Housewife?
It’s the dream of every housewife to earn themselves. However, to make sure that you are fit for this program, please read this whole page. Still having doubt? Feel free to call us.

I’m not a programmer, but can I join this training program?
Yes, You can join. We are provide all the scripts/software/apps for designing any type of Web Apps by just dragging and dropping and with visual editors. Also we provide all the scripts/software/apps that helps to make money. You don’t want to know coding level knowledge or become a programmer. It’s as simple as it is. May be your dog can do this, Probably NOT…

What is the duration of the Training Program?
It’s a 300 hour program for the regular trainees and 100 hour program as crash course.

What are the Days, Time and Duration of classes?
For regular trainees, Classes will be taken from Monday to Saturday as per the schedule prepared by the management.
Total time: Minimum of 300 Hours in 4 months

For Crash Course Trainees, classes will be only on all Sundays from morning to evening.
Maximum 8 hours/Sunday.
Total time: Minimum of 100 Hours in 4 months

What is the total cost of this Mega Money Making Training Program?
Though the program is absolutely free, you must do compulsory purchase of Start Up Developer Bundle from us. This is a one time charge of Rs 35,000 only. No other Hidden Charges. You will get genuine & perfectly working hot selling web applications, themes, scripts, designs etc along with web hosting, domain and other things that is very essential for making 6 digit online income every month from your home. Also we teach you may other secrets of online business.

What you get along with Start Up Developer Bundle?
You get the following things along with this Start Up Developer Bundle without any extra charges.

  1. 300 hours(Regular Class) or 100 Hours (Crash Course)
  2. Genuine Things worth Millions of Indian National Rupees
  3. Most wanted HTML Templates
  4. HTML Template Designer Script
  5. PHP Scripts
  6. Most Selling WordPress Premium Themes
  7. Most Selling WordPress Premium Plugins
  8. Security Scripts
  9. Stacks
  10. Pendrive
  11. Group Discussions and Interactions
  12. Support from other IT Professionals.
  13. Lifetime(Minimum 3 years) Portal access for downloading old & new things
  14. At anytime New Most Useful Scripts/Software/Apps is found, it will be available for you Through Portal
  15. Social Media Discussions
  16. Learn Search Engine Optimisation
  17. Learn Digital Marketing
  18. Learn Social Media Marketing
  19. Using the Scripts & Software that we provide you along with this program, We teach you easy way to create REAL business websites, blog, forum, eCommerce Website, Matrimonial Website, Mobile Apps, Classified Websites like OLX, Used Cars Websites, Real Estate Websites, Job Portals, Social Bookmarking Sites, Social Media Websites, News Portals, Magazines, Online Tution Portals, Video Websites, Company Websites, Responsive Websites, Content Management (CMS) Websites, Dynamic Websites, Google AMP Websites, Web Directories, Business Directories, Affiliate Websites, Hotel Booking Sites, Event Booking, Ticket Websites, Much more…
  20. Motivational and Inspirational Classes
  21. Autoblogging Method
  22. Education on Hacking & Security
  23. Education on Dark Internet
  24. Education on Underground Tools
  25. Any Domain .com, .in, .org, .net for a year
  26. Web Hosting with Emails for a year
  27. Get Affiliate Commission Income from us
  28. Discounts on our products
  29. Get together & Creative Workshops
  30. Lot of Secrets !

Perhaps, our Start Up Developer Bundle is the only Investment that you required for making money online other than your laptop and an internet connection.

Without our Start Up Developer Bundle and our training, it’s almost impossible for someone to make money online because of the tough competition going on. Our whole program helps you to stand out of the crowd and make money through simple process. We provide you everything that are helpful to speed up your money making process.

If you are working hard as per our instructions, then definitely while completing our training you might have already earned more than what you spend for this program within few days. Contact us to know more.

What are the ways to make money online?
There are 60 ways to make money online.

60 Proven Ways to Make Money Online

  1. Getting Paid For Doing Work Online (Trading Your Time For Money Like Any Regular Job)
  2. Freelancing
  3. Virtual Employee
  4. Talking English To People Online
  5. Online Live Tutoring
  6. Paid Surveys And Research
  7. Answering Questions And Giving Advice
  8. Copywriting
  9. Blogging For Other People’s Websites
  10. Ghost Writing
  11. Seo Services
  12. Voice Over Work
  13. Translation Services
  14. Website User Interface (Ui) Testing
  15. Completing Small Tasks
  16. Watching Online Ads
  17. Reviewing Music For Money
  18. Creating Sites And/Or Assets Aiming To Create Residual (Ongoing) Income Streams, Getting Paid
  19. Again And Again After All The Initial Work Is Done
  20. Affiliate Marketing – Detached Selling
  21. Affiliate Marketing – Personal Interest
  22. Commission Business
  23. Creating T-Shirt Designs On Teespring
  24. Creating Products On Gear Bubble
  25. Website Ads
  26. Creating Online Courses
  27. Creating Digital Products
  28. Affiliate Marketing – Amazon Associate Store
  29. Ebooks
  30. Youtube Channel
  31. Creating Apps
  32. Podcasts
  33. Creating Problem Solving Mini Courses
  34. Stock Photographs, Videos & Music
  35. Content Revenue Sharing
  36. Starting Or Buying An Online Business
  37. Dropshipping Ecommerce Business
  38. Stock Managed Ecommerce Business
  39. Creating A Software Or App Development Business
  40. Creating A Membership Website
  41. Creating A Reseller Web Hosting Business
  42. Creating A Web Design Business
  43. Creating An I.T. Support Business
  44. Investing And Lending Online
  45. Peer To Peer Lending
  46. Trading In Stocks And Shares
  47. Loaning To Small Businesses
  48. Forex Trading
  49. Matched Betting
  50. Selling What You Have
  51. Selling What You Make
  52. Forum Posting
  53. Website Management
  54. Adsense Income
  55. Admob or Mobile Ads Income
  56. VOIP
  57. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency
  58. ClickWorker
  59. Buy and Sell Domains
  60. Online Broker for Classifieds, Real Estate, Used Cars, etc.

What we teach you in our free training program?
Above you can read 60 ways to make money online. However we cover only most effective proven ways of making money online. Though we cover most of the online methods in our classes, We emphasise on teaching you the most effective and easy ways to get rich online.

You can learn WordPress, SEO, Digital Marketing, Affiliates, eCommerce, Blogging, Freelancing, Copyrighting, Youtube Income, Adsense Income, Website Creation Services, App Development, etc from our training.

You will get opportunity to learn from the CEO of our IT Company who is having more than 12 years of experience in the Industry.

He will be providing inspirational classes on his real life journey from zero to a super hero.

He will also take motivational classes on different topics.

We provide you the Ultimate WordPress Coaching as a bonus gift. The following topics will cover it. We also cover many other information that are not listed here.

WordPress Installation:
1.Setting up wordpress in Local Server
2.Setting up wordpress in Remote Server
3.Upgrading WordPress
4.Understanding FTP

User Administration:
1.WordPress Admin
2.Creating Users
3.User Rights & Roles

WordPress Themes:
1.Free theme Vs Paid Theme
2.Theme Selection Process
3.Adding/installing Themes
4.Changing Themes
5.Preview & Activating Themes

Working with Widgets:
1.Installing widgets in sidebar
2.Installing widgets in footer

Working with Menu for your website:
1.Creating menus
2.Adding pages, posts, categories to menus
3.Creating Sub-menus
4.Deleting items from menu

WordPress post page management:
1.Posts Vs Pages
2.Creating a post
3.Adding Hyperlinks
4.Adding Media files to content –images and videos
5.Playing with Media content
6.Using Categories and Tags
7.Previewing and Editing Posts
8.Creating Pages
9.Previewing and Editing Pages
10.Page Hierarchy
11.Page Order

WordPress Settings:
1.General settings
2.Writing settings

WordPress Plugins:
1.Installing plugins
2.Upgrading plugins
3.Activating Plugin & managing plugins
4.Recommended Plugins

WordPress Tools:

Let’s quote what Warren Buffett advice youngsters. He is considered as the most successful investor in the world and in 2008 he became the most richest person in the World.

“If You don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, You will work until You die”Warren Buffett

The only fast and 100% really working way of making money while you are sleeping is through online business. Hurrah! We teach you that here in this program.

In this modern hi-tech era, one should make at-least $10,000 a year to run a comfortable life. If you are making ten times of that ($100,000) then definitely you are rich. $100,000 = 69,39,000 Indian Rupee (~70 Lakh Rupees).

Assume that you are earning a profit of 70 Lakhs a year. WOW! That’s cool, Isn’t it? You can lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Did you know? $100,000 a year is ONLY $273.97 a day!

$273 a day is ONLY $11.42 per hour, If you have a Business that makes Money 24 hours a day.

If you’re ONLY working 8 hours a day, how do you make Money the other 16 hours? See, there’s nothing wrong with having a job; a 9-5 that pays the bills. But a job rarely sets YOU Free Financially.

Save some Money and INVEST in a Business or Investment that pays you 24 hours a day. It’s the time to learn how to make Money in your sleep, 24/7, 365 days a year.

But did you know there are guys who earn more than 70 lakhs a year. Some who work on internet earns more than 70 lakhs PER MONTH. Yeah! It’s a truth that you never dream about it . They silently earn profit of more than 840 lakhs a year. Nobody might have told this truth to you.

We, here at IT PLORE will teach you the secret successful story behind those people who earns millions online every month.

Definitely you too can earn millions every month after purchasing Start Up Developer Bundle, getting proper training from us, working harder everyday, be creative in your work and have patience to wait for the result.

We, here at ITPLORE push you harder to break your barriers. Join us, Get motivated and ignite your soul. Let the adrenaline pump into your blood that makes you cross all the flooded rivers for hunting money online. Definitely, it’s worth being a part of our joy.

Come as a guest, work together as a family and grow as a kingdom !

Registration: Seats are limited. Hurry up and register your seat now. Registration already started.

For more information and registration, WhatsApp or Call +91 94 000 299 00.
Telephone Support: 10am – 5pm (All days)
WhatsApp Chat Support: Any Time

You can earn affiliate commission for referring persons to our program. Earn upto Rs 5000 per person who successfully purchased our Start Up Developer Bundle. Minimum payout is Rs 10,000 (Affiliate commission for referring 2 persons who purchased the program). Refer 20 persons and earn 1 lakh rupees. For participating in affiliate scheme, please contact us.

Group Discounts are also available. Join as a group, get big discounts based on group volume. Contact us to know more.

Please share this page to your Facebook Profile, FB Groups, FB Pages, WhatsApp Groups, other social medias and help other who are looking for making money online. Please spread this to the world and help all the people that you know to participate in this wonderful training program.